Damascus Blockchain Keyrings


The first and only hand forged Damascus keyring holders, each one is unique! Hand forged with precision from layered 15N20 & 1095 these are rugged, unique, and beautiful. These feel great in the hand, Damascus steel always feels different from regular steel when held.


Can only be purchased with RTM.

Price includes shipping.

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When purchasing one of these unique Damascus Blockchain keyrings your account will have a note added to it with a token name such RTMSKR01. This will be your items token on the Raptoreum blockchain once we launch the asset layer. This token is non-fungible and signifies authenticity, uniqueness, and ownership.



  •  Every one of our Damascus Blockchain keyrings is completely unique and we are the only one to make keyrings like this.
  • Created from handmade Damascus steel (15N20 & 1095).
  • Precision hand forged.
  • Rugged, and extremely durable.
  • Weight: approx. 2.6 oz.
  • Length: approx. 2.5 inch.


Short Video Of Forging One Of These Keyrings

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